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Chandigarh: UT distributes EV charging stations to 44 sites

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UT executives have begun the process of installing charging stations in 44 different locations throughout the city as part of their campaign to implement electric vehicle policy.Managers issued the tender, asking stakeholders to submit bids. It has already held a meeting with potential applicants. On June 4, a technical bid will open.
The decision was taken recently at a meeting to discuss the policy, chaired by UT adviser Dharam Pal.
The expert had suggested that EV billing rates in public places be established through the tender process. Comparisons with other cities that have implemented EV policy will be made to determine the fair value. The adviser had said in an interview that the MC’s financial losses would be reconsidered.

Public charging infrastructure will be installed in all sectors, according to the draft EV law promulgated on February 10. During the first two years, the goal is to set up about 100 charging stations in Chandigarh.
All petrol stations will be required to install EV charging infrastructure within six months of the launch of this policy. Building codes will be changed to allow for the installation of these channels in houses and other buildings.

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