Tata Urban 9/12m

Brand: TATA

Specifications Overview

Fuel Type:Electric(Battery)
Transmission:NA (Direct Drive)
Generator Max Power:245 kW
Continuous Power:145 kW
Charging Time:2 to 3 hrs with
Fast charging
HV Battery Specification Li-Ion
Battery Pack- ~186 KWH
Motor:Integrated Motor

Tata Urban 9/12m Electric Bus Specifications

Tata Motors promotes electric buses to modernize urban transportation, reduce pollution, and provide improved passenger features such as greater safety and comfort.Tata Urban 9/12m Electric Bus – The newly built electric bus addresses the need for a clean public transport vehicle by releasing zero emissions and operating silently.

Tata Urban 9/12m Electric Bus Full Specifications

Max Power 245 kW
Continuous Power 145 kW
GVW 17800 +/- 500 kg
Overall Dimensions 11900 +/- 100 mm
Wheel Base 6200 mm
Floor Height 900 mm
Overall Width 2580 mm
Turning Circle Diameter11 meter
LV System Voltage24V
Seating Layout40+D
Brakes Dual circuit full air S-cam brake (Front disc brake is optional)
Suspension Front Weveller, Rear Air Suspension (Air Suspension in both front and rear are optional)
Regulatory Requirements CMVR & Bus body code as per AIS 052, Comply to Urban Bus Specification -II Chapter 2
Max. Speed 75kms
Acceleration 0-30 km/hr >=0.8 m/sec^2 | <= 10.5
SecGrade-ability 17%@ Rated GVW
Range> 150 kms (As per standard test conditions/ CMVR) – This is scalable as per requirements
Charging Time 2 to 3 hrs with Fast charging
Motor Integrated Motor Generator Max Power: 245 kW Continuous Power: 145 kWHV
Battery Specification Li-Ion Battery Pack- ~186 KWH (Expandable)
TransmissionNA (Direct Drive)