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MG Motor India and Bharat Petroleum comes Together for EV Charging Infra

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MG Motor India and Bharat Petroleum comes Together for EV Charging Infra

MG Motor India and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) announced a partnership on Monday to expand the country’s electric car charging infrastructure. MG Motor India is the first manufacturer of passenger cars in India to partner with BPCL to accelerate the adoption of “green rides.”
According to the client, the agreement with the BPCL will help speed up EV acquisition by improving integrated travel options by installing EV chargers on the streets and in cities. According to a media report, the two companies may combine technology to strategically select charging locations, collect user information, build trust systems, and establish charging systems management technology, thanks to greater BPCL customer access and MG performance and development in the EV sector.

“Together with our ecosystem partners, we are working to develop a large network of EV charging stations, as well as battery recycling and second-generation battery solutions to sustain the sustainability of electric vehicles,” said Rajeev Chaba, President and Executive Director. , MG Motor India. Our customers also benefit from a unique 6-way charging environment, which makes daily EV driving much easier. “

“Our partnership with BPCL is another step towards empowering and increasing customer confidence in electric vehicles in India.” “Thanks to the strong presence of BPCL and the wider network in India, existing and potential customers will have easy access to charging solutions across the country,” he added.
MG Motor India has had a multi-step charging infrastructure with AC chargers and DC fast chargers in residential areas and MG stores since its inception. Customers can also benefit from MG’s 6-way charging ecosystem, which includes a fast AC charger (located at home / customer office), an extended charging network, plug cable and on-board charger, and on-the-go charging with RSA (Roadside Assistance) and community chargers. The proposed EV and BPCL charging network will provide EV drivers with consistent driving experience while also helping to expand the national EV production system.

“As we enter the age of widespread electricity movement, sustainable purchases are now and in the future.” “As we enter the next phase of rapid transition from power to electricity, BPCL is at the forefront of addressing the three major problems car owners have (various concerns, time concerns, and availability concerns) to build consumer confidence to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the country,” said Arun. Kumar Singh, Chairman and Executive Director of BPCL.
He also said that the oil and gas company BPCL was building fast charging corridors on the country’s highways, connecting important cities with economic centers, and that in the next 2-3 years, the country would have a 7000 network properly installed. fast charging stations. “MG Motor India is a key player in the Indian EV market and is known for producing a wide range of customer information with its wide range of Internet SUVs. in a private walkway, ”he added.

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