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Tata Nano electric car has come in the market. Price 3 lakhs in 1 charge 160 km range

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New Delhi: Tata Nano Electric: The future is for EVs. In that case, every car maker makes a splash on the EV part. On the other hand, the madness of EV and CNG vehicles has increased due to rising fuel and diesel prices. Recently, Ratan Tata video was widely circulated. Seeing that everyone is commended. This video is actually special with the Tata Nano electric car.

Let us tell you that the famous businessman of the country, Ratan Tata is often known for his honesty and simplicity. That is why people respect him with all their heart. Today, Ratan Tata’s video is widely distributed. When he again won the hearts of the people. And people are giving their response to this.

Recently, Ratan Tata’s video removed the noise from social media. The video comes from outside the Taj Hotel. In the video, Ratan Tata is seen in an electric Nano. The car is a white Nano and Shantanu Naidu is seen traveling with him who is often seen driving a Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata has often been seen sitting in a Nano car. This custom car Tata Nano electric model was donated by power solution company Electra EV.

To talk more about the same Tata Nano, Tata Nano was brought to market in 2008. Its purpose was to provide this car to anyone who did not have the budget for a more expensive car. But the company market could not succeed, and the idea was flawed. In line with this, talking about the Tata Nano electric car, instead of the 624 cc 2 cylinder engine in the Tata Electric Nano, has been replaced by an electric train. The company claims to be able to travel a distance of 160 km with a single charge and can run up to 60 km in 10 seconds.

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